Intelligent industry: the second day of SHIFT showcased today’s industrial frontrunners

The second day of SHIFT was a deep dive into how the technologies of tomorrow are being used industrially today. The audience again enjoyed world-class speakers, workshops and making new acquaintances – against a backdrop of art experiences and a view of the sea.

Catherine Havasi of Snowcap AI and Oliver Molander of Peltarion opened the second day with a discussion about collaboration in AI projects, the state of this kind of projects in the Nordic countries as well as practical applications of machine learning. Continuing with the same subject, Orca AI’s Dor Raviv and Futurice’s Claes Kaarni focused on the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the maritime industry. Yoshua Bengio, a pioneering developer of AI, gave an online keynote on the future of AI. Bengio also discussed the matter further in a panel with Peter Sarlin (Silo.AI), Christian Guttmann (Tieto) and Luka Crnkovic-Friis (Peltarion).

Friday’s Finnish speakers focused on industrial applications of circular economy. Kalle Saarimaa from Fortum and Kenneth Ekman from CrisolteQ gave a presentation about recycling lithium batteries and Nikolas Salomaa from NollaE talked about energy efficiency and profitable investments in it. In a panel about the chemical industry and circular economy, Lari Vähäsalo (CH-Bioforce), Rasmus Valanko (Kemira), Raija Polvinen (Kiilto), Risto Vapola (Neste) and Riikka Paarma (Stora Enso) discussed possibilities for Finland to maintain its leading position in the field and for the industry to continue producing new innovations.