Vice President, Recycling and Waste, Fortum

Kalle Saarimaa has been heading Fortum’s Recycling and Waste Solutions business since March 2017. He is responsible for developing Fortum’s circular economy related business that offers expert solutions and sustainable services for cities. Saarimaa has a deep understanding of the different aspects of recycling, hazardous waste and environmental construction.

This year Fortum revolutionized the lithium-ion battery value chain for electric vehicle and industrial use batteries. The low-CO2 solution makes over 80% of the battery recyclable, returns the scarce metals used back into circulation, and resolves the sustainability gap by reducing the need to mine nickel, cobalt, and other scarce metals.

Fortum’s Circular Economy refinery project was selected as the Climate Deed of 2017 by the Sustainable Development Forum of Finnish Energy. This year the Riihimäki plastics refinery will process nearly 15 million kilos of plastic waste that will be turned into recycled plastic raw material.

Saarimaa has a degree from the Helsinki University of Technology.

Kalle Saarimaa will talk about Industrial Circular Economy on Westin Stage on 14:00-15:00 August 30th. Check out the timetable!