CEO, CrisolteQ

Kenneth Ekman is the founder and CEO of CrisolteQ Ltd. Kenneth has deep knowledge and understanding of metal chemistry and manufacturing of specialty products. He has broad experience in hydrometallurgical reclamation routes from waste and industrial side-products. During his carrier he has successfully scaled up and commercialised research results. Before founding Crisolteq in 2005, Kenneth was the Managing Director and Partner of Smoptech, which developed and produced a range of advanced polymer fibres to support precious metals for heterogeneous catalysis and recovery of platinum group metals. Smoptech was during his time acquired by Johnson Matthey, a UK based specialty chemicals company. Kenneth received his PhD in polymer technology from Åbo Akademi University and has since then been a serial entrepreneur with management experience of both SME’s and large companies.

Kenneth Ekman will talk about Industrial Circular Economy on Westin Stage on 14:00-15:00 August 30th. Check out the timetable!