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Nikolas Salomaa is the founder and managing director of nollaE Oy, working dedicatedly on making energy efficiency in buildings profitable. He is an innovator renewing the whole idea of energy efficiency of buildings. His aim is to find solutions others do not even search for yet. nollaE has broken through as the innovative energy planning agency, always searching for the most profitable combination of solutions for each building. The focus of nollaE is not only on energy efficiency, but also on the profitability of the solutions. The track record shows that the most profitable retrofits and new buildings are all performed by nollaE. This is because of the software developed by the company.

Nikolas Salomaa is well known for his achievement in the energy efficiency of buildings. Up till now, he has hacked the energy flows of more than 1.000 buildings. His solutions have saved time, money and hundreds of thousands megawatt hours of energy. Nikolas has also written scientific articles about thermal seasonal energy storage and zero carbon buildings.

Nikolas Salomaa has a history as an entrepreneur with several start-ups and exits. He started his first start-up, Coffeeplease, in 2000. Coffeeplease was ranked as the 8th most profitable growth company in Finland 2005, 2006 and 2007. After exiting Coffeeplease in 2007, Nikolas has also made several exits in different types of small and medium sized companies.

Nikolas Salomaa received a M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration at Hanken School of Economics in 2006. He is currently finalizing his bachelor’s thesis in Engineering (HVAC) at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

The origin of nollaE leading edge energy knowledge is however not something learned in school. It is what is left of the start-up Savumax that went bankrupt in 2014. The company developed and produced products for zero carbon houses. The HVAC-planners on the Finnish market did not understand the products and gave the end consumers the picture that there is something wrong with the products.

Nikolas Salomaa gives lectures and training in comprehensive energy efficiency of buildings, hybrid heating systems and related financial calculations. According to him, energy efficiency is measured in euros. Nikolas Salomaa’s company nollaE is groundbreaking in its field and brings new, fresh ideas and innovative thinking to the building industry.

Nikolas Salomaa will talk about Industrial Circular Economy on Westin Stage on 14:00-15:00 August 30th. Check out the timetable!