New CEO Jutta Ruusunen joining the team in March

SHIFT Business Festival 2022 is making headway – new CEO Jutta Ruusunen joining the team in March


MA, MBA Jutta Ruusunen joins the SHIFT team as new CEO starting the second half of March, as the current CEO Sini Toivonen starts her parental leave. Ruusunen will bring to the team her strong experience in international communications, marketing and events and hospitality business. Prior to the appointment she has worked as the Communications Manager at Sunborn Group.

“SHIFT is a unique concept  – it is both a forum for serious business and friendly encounters. It creates new and is also recreating itself time after time. It is simply easy to be inspired by and at SHIFT”, Ruusunen describes.

RECONNECT at the SHIFT Business Festival 2022

The theme of the 7th SHIFT Business Festival is RECONNECT. The organising of this year’s  physical event is in good progress. “Committing to a live event was an easy decision. There is a clear demand for physical encounters. Of course, we will not forget the opportunities of digitalisation in bringing people together globally and offering new, innovative avenues for growth. In this exceptionally fast changing world we should not limit our options. Quite the contrary, we need to look for the best ways of reconnecting and cooperating”, Ruusunen asserts.

“Committing to a live event was an easy decision. There is a clear demand for physical encounters.

At SHIFT, new connections are created through engaging discussions, a plethora of activities and experiences as well as matchmaking. Live encounters have always been at the core of the event. This year they are given even more emphasis, reinforced by digital solutions.

Ruusunen mentions, that the theme RECONNECT supports also SHIFT’s strategy in the future: ”our aim is the strengthening of year round operations and international activities, which will also create value to our partners and the whole SHIFT business network. Face to face encounters and digitalisation play an important role in this respect.”

Early Bird- tickets are now available with 40% discount form normal price till the end of March: This year the event is physical, but the main stage program will also be streamed online. 

Further information:

Hanna Sormunen, Head of Sales and Marketing, +35840 775 4258,

Jutta Ruusunen, CEO, +3584 563 63842,