SHIFT is getting ready to reconnect business decision-makers in August!

After two years of remote meetings, company leaders are in the need of physical encounters – SHIFT helps to reconnect again in August. 


Shift Business Festival gathers together growth-oriented companies from across the board to have a look into the future. Our mission is to offer new insights, networks, and tools for creating future-ready businesses. This year SHIFT Business Festival will be taking place in Turku on the 24-25 August.


We are living in a world where the only certain thing is change. Rapid changes regarding technology, the environment, and society affect all aspects of our lives and the impact on businesses is undeniable. SHIFT believes that doing business as usual isn’t good enough and empowers companies to get more future-ready and to re-think their business. 


SHIFT invites visitors to reconnect and challenge their thoughts together. We encourage and support our festival attendees and partners to find their competitive advantage in new technology applications and sustainable business. “This year we will be approaching these topics from two very important viewpoints: focusing on leadership and climate change.” describes the SHIFT’s Head of program and experience, Elsa Ervasti


The SHIFT event’s main themes are diving deep into the future of leadership and work-life in the digitalized and changing world, where we need to find new and innovative ways of leading growth. “Sustainability has already been integrated into business strategies, but climate change and the possibilities of technology will still bring inevitable changes in people’s lives as well as for companies. We aim to give change a possibility by providing companies with new ideas, networks, and tools to rebuild their business.” states the current CEO of SHIFT, Sini Toivonen.


The SHIFT Business Festival ticket presale is now open and tickets are available here: This year the event is physical, but the main stage program will also be streamed online.