Turku, Finland 29. - 30. 8. 2019


SHIFT connects groundbreaking technologies with leaders of traditional industries

“Sentient machines are a bigger threat to humanity than climate change”

– Nick Bostrom

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SHIFT proudly announces the offical publication of “The Manifesto”!

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"SHIFT feels like a Nordic SXSW. Truly amazing"

Jonathan Pulitzer, GE Ventures

5 reasons why NOT to attend SHIFT

"I don’t want everybody to join SHIFT. I want SHIFT to be an extraordinary event for exceptional people." - Aape Pohjavirta, Chief Evangelist at Funzi.

We think Aape has a point. So we figured we would give you 5 reasons NOT to attend SHIFT:

I have never heard of SHIFT

Honestly, this is not surprising. We are the new (cool) kid on the block. We want tech and business to be beneficial, responsible, and sustainable. As a festival we don’t want to be too big, nor too small. You should be able to talk to everyone you want to talk with and meet whoever you want to meet with, while not getting lost in the mix.

I’m not sure who this event is for

Shaken and stirred. That is our aim and that is why SHIFT connects entrepreneurs and organisations  from industry and tech.

SHIFT is not an event specifically for my industry

True, SHIFT is not an industry specific event. Most of our attendees are tech companies  and industry players. We believe in  shaking things up – new relationships lead to new ideas. 94 % of our attendees have found it easy or extremely easy to meet new people at SHIFT.

I don’t know who else is attending

To help you out, we always publish the first companies attending under “Who’s attending” in March. You can also tell us who you would like to meet and we will make it happen. Send us a message at info(a) !

I don’t know the speakers

That’s what we are going for. We want you to feel the joy and surprise of discovery! We take great pride in the fact that we find and select the best and most inspiring speakers before they get big. Remember that excitement in finding a new band before everybody else? That is our goal with our speakers and other program.



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