International Women’s Day interview with driven SHIFT ladies

  In case you didn’t know, in SHIFT we have these three amazing, strong and driven ladies, who are passionate…


From the AI hype to a more holistic viewpoint of intelligence in business

The international SHIFT Business Festival will once more gather thousands of future- and technology-oriented business influencers together. The event has…


Katri Saarikivi at SHIFT 2018

Do androids dream of…

Imagine a friend telling you, with all the gruesome details, about how they cut themselves in the finger while cooking….



Shapeshifting intelligence at SHIFT 2019

SHIFT helps radical innovators shape a better future through intelligent business and deep technology.  The program will provide glimpses of the future of intelligence and its business applications, as well as give insight into how businesses can utilize deep technology to make a positive impact on society, but not at the expense of profit.


Join us and find the right tools and revolutionary thoughts on how to make your business a part of the world-saving intelligent economy.


Witness real-world problems being solved at our demo sessions.

Listen to modern-day Einsteins who have brought ideas into reality.

Understand how AI and intelligent automation are transforming industries.


…plus music, art and culture & endless opportunities for networking in a true festival spirit.

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