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SHIFT Business Festival invites growth-oriented businesses to set their eyes on the future. We provide tools and networks to redefine the next normal.

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SHIFT Business Festival invites you to rethink your business.
In 2021, the stage program focuses on the following three themes:


Circular Economy

AI & Digital Trust

Food Tech

Circular Economy

Safeguarding biodiversity and solving the climate crisis requires more than glorified recycling.

AI & Digital Trust

Who's pulling your digital strings?

Food Tech

Tectonic plates of the food industry are moving. Beneath the hype, real systemic changes are taking place.


Smart Bird tickets available until 30 June 2021

SHIFT Pass – Smart Bird

359€ 284€

Executive Pass – Smart Bird

483€ 408€

Speakers 2021

Lauri Reuter

Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC

Charlotte Aschim

CEO & Founder, TotalCtrl

Bruce Schneier

Lecturer, Harvard Kenedy School

Iida Miettinen

CEO & Founder, Kamupak

Simo Ellilä

CEO, eniferBio

Meet us at SHIFT 2021: