Minna Wickholm

BA Director, Open programs, Aalto University Executive Education Ltd (Aalto EE)

BA Director Minna Wickholm’s key competencies are building strategic partnerships, creating and implementing strategy, business renewal, change management, and leadership development. During her career, she has been creating and selling several customized programs to large corporations.

Minna has an extensive career in executive education. She has held various senior positions at Aalto University Executive Programs and Networks (Aalto EE). Currently, she is responsible for business areas open enrolment programs at Aalto EE and professional development programs (Aalto PRO) as well as for the operations of Aalto University Developing Entrepreneurship (Aalto ENT). Wickholm is in charge of the business area’s development, program portfolio, revenue, and profit.

At SHIFT 2020, Minna will talk about Co-creation, the holy grail of innovation together with Ami Rubinstein from Sulapac and Marcus Dehlin from Stora Enso. Minna focuses on how co-creation between startups and large corporations can come into being and what is required to kick it into full gear. Shared values and support from the board room feature in the starring roles, but what else do we find behind the scenes?

Read Minna Wickholm’s text Co-creation – Platform for Innovation at SHIFT Blog.


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