SHIFT turns into a Business Webstival

New concept of SHIFT

We are proud to present the new concept of SHIFT for the exceptional year 2020. The guiding principle for re-planning the festival concept was to provide and better yet, exceed the value that SHIFT has always has offered:

  • World-class business & tech program
  • International networking
  • Possibility of serendipitous new business connections
  • Art, music and science mixed with business content
  • Concrete tools, workshops and networks to future-proof your business even in the face of turbulent times

Thus – in 2020, SHIFT will be produced as a hybrid event, with both virtual and on-site elements. The virtual event will take place in a 3D festival area with keynote halls, virtual exhibition area, workshop areas, matchmaking rooms etc. The on-site event will conquer the stylish and modern Innovation center Joki.

Both participation methods will grant access to full festival program, and attendees can matchmake from virtual to on-site and vice versa.


Virtual participation to SHIFT 2020 is NOT your usual webinar or online event, it’s a true virtual festival experience with a movable 3D avatar you can create and use to explore the festival and get an experience of a lifetime!


Sustainable regrowth challenge

Around the world we see societies restarting, but with these good news we are unfortunately seeing the other side of the coin as well – e.g. pollution levels exceeding the pre-corona numbers. This means that in a stressful situation businesses are resorting to the easy ways out and the economical sustainability overrides ecological and social sustainability.

We at SHIFT believe that sustainable business can be profitable business, and we want to help businesses develop towards that. If you’re interested to embark on the sustainability journey with us, please keep following us, we’ll send out the sign-up form to the challenge in just a couple of weeks!

Mark your calendars with the important dates:

SHIFT 2020 Sustainable Regrowth Challenge kick-off
26 August 2020

Weekly expert webinars

SHIFT 2020 Main Event
27–28 October 2020

Virtual tickets on sale now

As many of you – especially our international friends – have already eagerly been waiting for, fully virtual passes to SHIFT 2020 are now available – and we have made it super affordable for the first adopters. Here’s how it works:

  • SHIFT 2020 Sustainable Regrowth Challenge kick-off
    • Free of charge, no ticket required.
  • Weekly expert webinars in September–October
    • Free of charge, no ticket required.
  • SHIFT Business Festival main event 27–28 October
    • A virtual or an on-site ticket required. On-site ticket allows you to attend both virtual and on-site activities.

This way to the ticket store!

All tickets purchased before 31 May 2020 are valid to SHIFT Business Festival in October.