New dates and a virtual extension for SHIFT 2020

Dear friends.


After careful consideration of different options, we have decided to postpone the main event of SHIFT Business Festival until the end of October 2020.

While doing so, SHIFT will transform into a hybrid event, with scalable virtual and live dimensions. It will also break free from the 2-day event format that has defined its journey so far.

The new journey will begin from a virtual kick-off on the original dates 26.-27.8.2020, and ultimately culminate in the SHIFT Business Festival hybrid event on 27.-28.10.2020. The new concept is coming together fast, but the veil of secrecy will stick until we’ll announce the concept on our 5th birthday when May turns to June.

"We are concentrating on creating more value to our community, to our partners and our ticket holders than ever before."

-Mari Männistö, SHIFT CEO

Please mark your calendars now:

SHIFT 2020 virtual kick-off
26-27 August 2020 – online

SHIFT Business Festival main event
27-28 October 2020 – Turku, Finland
Innovation Centre Joki



Many of you have already bought a ticket to SHIFT 2020. The tickets are valid as such to SHIFT Business Festival in October. We are very happy to have you!

Should the dates, 27-28 October 2020, not be suitable, or you want to cancel your participation for any other reason, you may return your ticket until the end of May 2020 by emailing

See you at SHIFT!

xoxo, SHIFT crew