SHIFT started today!

SHIFT starts today!


SHIFT Business Webstival 2020 is live, and we are all excited to see you there!

The fifth SHIFT is going to be completely different from the previous ones, yet innovative and fun just like every year. Enjoy this fully virtual festival, not just with a microphone and a webcam, but with your digitized self as well: embody an avatar and walk through the virtual festival grounds, meet and greet your fellow festival-goers and attend keynotes by world-class speakers.

The event transforms online interaction into a memorable virtual networking experience and social engagement. VirBELA is specifically designed to promote social interaction and collaboration among participants. There are over 800 attendees ready to take the step to the world of virtual networking 2.0. Time to get your networking pants on and start feeling adventurous!


Program highlights – On the first festival day

Choosing strategic foresight over fortune telling
Futures Stage at 12:30-13:45
VTT, Miltton Networks and Nordic West Office will help you develop your ability to imagine different possible futures by choosing strategic foresight over fortune telling. 

The hacker way of thinking: Breaking your business to make it better?
Solution Stage 12:30-13:45
The Solution stage program invites you to co-create with the other festival attendees. So put yourself in a hacker’s shoes and be prepared to discuss what Maaret Pyhäjärvi has to say about breaking something to make it better.

If growth is broken, we need to explore other options
Futures Stage 17:00-18:15
Explore options for growth and deepen your understanding of degrowth and sustainable regrowth with representatives of St1 Nordic, SOAS University of London and the European Parliament.

Program Highlights – On the second festival day

Democratic AI is fair AI
10:30-11:45 Futures Stage
You will acquire deeper knowledge of AI, what benefits are there to data access, and how a climate that is beneficial to the development of artificial intelligence can be created. This session is led by experts from Facebook, Inbot and Open Data Institute.

What motivates the no bullshift generation to work and consume?
10:30-11:45 Solution Stage
Discuss with the Swedish Association for Responsible Consumption on the Millennials in work and consumption.


And remember: it’s a festival, not a regular conference

SHIFT is all about learning and future-proofing your business – but it’s also a time to have fun together! Explore the venue to spot the art & experience treats have lined up for you. And after the stage program and workshops, conclude the day with a chill afterparty at the virtual beach.