The virtual event space is full of surprises for you to find. Explore the venue to spot the following:

Maria Nurmela & Vesa Loikas

ABOA Cultural Price 2020 recipient Maria Nurmela has been working as a freelance dance artist since 2002 in the field of contemporary dance and performance. Maria ́s works have been presented in various Festivals in Finland and abroad in prestigious venues such as Critical Path Sydney (2019) and Palais de Tokyo Museum Paris (2018) among many others. In 2008 she was nominated in the Ballet/Tanz Year Book as one of the most remarkable female contemporary dancers in Europe. In addition to her work as a choreographer and a freelance dancer, she also teaches, mentors, and works as an advisor in different institutions such as Theatre Academy of University of Arts in Helsinki and Helsinki Summer University.

Her work often takes place on interdisciplinary interfaces and indifferent performance spaces, communally and in film format for example with filmmaker and photographer Vesa LoikasAt SHIFT opening show, we will see a short dance film created in collaboration with Loikas. The work speaks about the times we are living in separation from others and normal life. It explores the struggles and aspirations of a small person in search of human contact and connections. The entire film was made in Turku using streets and public spaces as stages.

Phaser Crane Collective

Phaser Crane Collective is formed of three artists who all originate from the small town of Noormarkku. Their aim is to create ambiances and stories in different spaces with the creative process being at the center of all their work.

For SHIFT 2020 the collective has selected a set of digitalised paintings, which you can find around the virtual festival area.

Jazz City Turku Stream

Jazz City Turku Stream is a virtual jazz concert concept created by local music professionals focusing on high quality jazz. The stream is broadcasted weekly from different venues in Turku area like Logomo, Åbo Svenska Teater, Bar Ö and Jazz Office Turku. Top class jazz music for music lovers, tune in!

The Jazz City Turku Stream at SHIFT 2020 features top-notch jazz musicians from Turku like internationally acknowledged Jussi Fredriksson on piano, Vesa Saloranta on bass and 15 years old super talent Veikka Kajamies on drums. The trio will play one hour concert based on various compositions from the Great American Songbook.

Jazz City Turku Stream plays at the beach stage on both SHIFT days at 15:00-16:00.


Amira is a Finnish musician based in Turku. She has been singing since she could walk and playing the piano since early teens. Amira’s musical education is based on lessons with her mother and her grandmother.

At SHIFT 2020, Amira will entertain attendees with sweet tunes at the SHIFT Off After Party on both festival days.


StepOut is a fitness & recreational startup based in Helsinki providing convenient earning opportunities to independent trainers anywhere. They strive to empower trainers who are passionate about their expertise and are looking for opportunities and resources to organize their sessions, receive assistance with marketing and sales processes, connections to studios, access to a free-of-cost live streaming platform and exposure in various forms to ultimately create a customer base and earn a revenue. StepOut prioritizes convenience of their users hence is offering their solution on fingertips in the form of an iOS/Android application allowing them to instantly explore, book, pay and attend sessions online or in studios being offered by the on-boarded trainers.

Their mission is to empower people, create convenient learning and earning opportunities and encourage fitness and well-being for all age groups.

At SHIFT 2020 StepOut will present mini energizer breaks between the stage program. Join in to stretch your body and refresh your mind.

Amira’s photo by Sonja Siikanen.

Korpi ForRest

Korpi ForRest is in the corporate stress management space and our mission is to help the billion knowledge workers globally to develop their cognitive resilience by bringing the scientifically proven mental health benefits of forests to where they work.

In practice, they provide a biofeedback loop for supporting cognitive resilience by combining a restorative work-break solution utilising a virtual forest experience and multidimensional data on mental wellbeing.

At the Korpi ForRest room at VirBELA you can take a meditative cognitively restoring break in the Finnish nature.