Stay overnight and immerse yourself in SHIFT

All our guests with a SHIFT Executive Pass or SHIFT Pass can book their stay at Hotel Kakola and join the SHIFT Innovation Retreat 2022.

Innovation Retreat offers you extra networking, inspirational conversations with fellow retreaters, and a good-night sleep in the center of the event, available exclusively to SHIFT guests. Dive deep into SHIFT’s atmosphere and spend your night in the heart of the festival venue!

We also offer a special program for those staying in the Hotel Kakola:

RETREAT MORNING SESSION with futurist, speaker, and author, professor of futures studies Markku Wilenius, who will join the retreat to hold an Ask Me Anything session about the future of innovation. 



Single 125 €  SOLD OUT
Twin and King Standard 154 €
Cell Room 160 €
Family room 190 €
Superior 197€

Additional person +20€/night

Bookings by email or phone only:
+358 2 515 0555


All premises of Hotel Kakola are reserved for SHIFT between 24 and 25 August. When booking, remember to mention that you are attending SHIFT.

Please note, bookings are done by email or phone only. Hotel Kakola’s online booking system is not available for bookings between 24.-25.8. to make sure it is just us SHIFTers staying at the hotel. Thank you for your understanding! 


Pro tip from us to you: There are fewer rooms than tickets, so pick your room now before others do!



Professor of futures studies Markku Wilenius


  • You are in the center of the action; the festival takes over Hotel Kakola for two days, and those who are staying at the hotel will immerse themselves in the festival’s atmosphere around the clock.
  • You can continue networking and conversations with like-minded festival colleagues after the official festival program.
  • Join the retreat morning session with futurist, speaker, and author, professor of futures studies Markku Wilenius, and ask anything you have always wanted to know about the future of innovation. 


Isn’t it exciting to be part of something completely new? We sure think so. Welcome to SHIFT Innovation Retreat!