Times are changing my friend, but you are not alone in this turbulence.

When it is hip to be lean, innovative and cool it’s easy to laugh at us, the white collars, for being stuck in our old patterns and habits (hey, we still wear black socks and suits). The question is if advisors and experts are still needed? Are we facing the same fate as the dinosaurs did? Will artificial intelligence make us obsolete as SHIFT’s community manager Elia Elenius recently wrote in Talouselämä magazine.

Nope, we are not going to face the fate of dinosaurs – instead we are evolving. The fact is that experts and advisors are now needed more than ever. Things are as someone’s Facebook status reminds us: complicated. Legal and financial matters are complex and a small error on paper can easily become a gigantic mistake on your financial statement. A badly written contract can evoke claims and eventually force you to do write downs. The taxation, well…its taxation. Very seldom you have the chance (or interest) to dig deep into taxation. At the same time different, vastly unknown tax rules could be the biggest threat for your day-to-day business.

So what can we do to cope up with the change? What is required from the advisors in future? We found the answer to be very simple: we need to be more accessible and easy to reach. Help is needed, but compared to previous, it is needed any- and everywhere and at any time. You call it, we offer it.

This why we have created the “KPMG ACCESS”-tool, an electronic tool that facilitates business advising in all financial, tax and legal issues. And the best part is? It can be used in any mobile devices – all you need is a internet access. If a question pops into your head during a meeting, just grab your phone, write the question and get the answer delivered from KPMG advisors during the meeting! No fuss, very accessible and extremely easy to use.

Jani-Pekka Hietala

Sales Manager