Electric car is still quite an unusual sight in traffic, but the share is growing rapidly in Finland.

No wonder, because the driving comfort, pollution freeness and low operating costs speak for themselves. In fact, electric vehicles segment growth rate is relatively highest in Europe!

There are still few things to be tackled with. Batteries charging distances are low-range. This points out that a good charging infrastructure is essential. The infrastructure cannot be disregarded even though the rate of electric cars is still quite low. The amount of plug-in cars and charging stations must go as much hand in hand as possible. This gives a great opportunity for energy utilities to enlarge their services and support carbon neutral movement by building public charging stations.

Supporting carbon neutral transportation is one of Turku Energia’s environmental goals. Turku Energia has already built 7 public charging points and new stations are built annually. Stations are built to essential locations at the city center and near main traffic intersections. All Turku Energia’s charging stations are connected to national Virta. charging network, which is owned by 18 Finnish energy utilities. As a Virta. client, you can e.g. pay your charging with RFID identification or by using Virta. application – all features designed for more fluent charging experience.

Nowadays electricity is not only for passenger cars. Regional buses are a perfect target for using electricity as power source: planned routes and timetables, convenient ranges and most of all giving more pleasant public transportation experience. Electric buses also reduce carbon emissions and traffic noise in city central area. First electric buses are coming to Turku next fall to line number 1 from harbor to airport via central market place. Turku Energia is responsible for the charging infrastructure for buses, where buses will be fast charged in final stops just in 4-5 minutes.

Electric cars and buses are one way to save the planet – ride after ride!

Writer: Lotta Lyytikäinen, Project advisor,Turku Energia

Photo: Visit Turku