Pekka Hyysalo is known as the founder and the face of FightBack, a brand that stands for positive thinking, persistence and not giving up on what is most important to you. But FightBack is not just a brand. FightBack is a wholesome attitude.

FightBack’s founder Pekka Hyysalo was only 19 years old when he was seriously injured in skiing accident. Making a big jump, he was taken in mid air by a hard gust of wind, and flew over the landing slope on to the flat. He hit the back of his head to the ground. Thanks to the helmet, he survived, but received a life-threatening brain injury.

From the moment Pekka woke up in the hospital, he began to Fight Back – battle back to life. Subsequently, the FightBack brand was created to be able to help others in the same situation. In the beginning FightBack was supposed to help only head injury patients, but now the FightBack attitude spans over to victims of various other challenging circumstances.

Pekka has been been selected as Finland’s Most Positive Person, and The Speaker of the Year. On the video Pekka will tell you why he is coming to SHIFT 2016, check it out!

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