Circular Economy track produced with Turku Science Park Ltd

The Circular economy track dives into clean technologies powered by chemistry, intelligent data, augmented reality.


The Circular Economy – a powerful force for Climate Mitigation

Consumption has for a long time been considered the engine of our modern economy. Today’s society is based on a linear materials economy, and overconsumption is a fact. Humanity’s rapidly growing consumption of natural resources cause negative environmental and social impact. The global economy is facing a turning point, causing disruption in political, social and economic models.

The manufacturing industry which produces goods for consumption, is one of the major sectors facing disruption due to increasing consumer demands and continuous expectations of economic growth. However, future competitiveness require responsibility in minimizing the environmental load and use of virgin or non-renewable raw materials.

Circular Economy is a powerful tool for the industry to transform from linear to circular materials-based earning models, enabling it to take part in climate mitigation activities. Recent studies show huge energy and CO2 savings associated with production using recycled raw materials instead of virgin ones. Cement, steel, aluminum and plastics cause over 60 % of the C02 industrial emissions in the Europe. We need new sustainably produced materials and circular business models to ensure a good life within the limits of the earth’s carrying capacity.

Chemistry enables a materials based circular economy. It is the basics to technologies that allow separation, recovery, and reclamation of valuables from waste and recycled material streams. Using chemistry we can de-compose materials to small entities, and then re-compose new materials and products. Chemists perceive the environment with augmented reality. They see the surrounding materials as elements, giving waste material the possibility to serve as building blocks for new materials and product.



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Industrial Circular Economy

Chemistry enabling circular economy