Have you thought that brands, innovations, and designs are a way to stand out from the competition?

Acid Test Your IP Rights
SHIFT Business Webstival Expert Webinar series

On stage
Kim Finnilä, Partner, Senior IP Advisor, European Patent Attorney at Berggren
Milla Lehtoranta, Partner, Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney at Berggren
Timo Sahakari, Sales Director at Citrus Solutions

Hosted by
Lesley Jääskeläinen

Kim Finnilä and Milla Lehtoranta will talk about how to identify the uniqueness of your intelligent business and find out ways to protect your company’s most valuable intellectual assets and how to commercialize intellectual property rights. Their mission is to create opportunities for your business to succeed.

Timo Sahakari will talk about how digitalisation can be a sustainable process. Traditionally the process of digitalisation begins by calling in a software provider. You outsource your business logic and expertise to them. As the project concludes, you realise that you are now dependent on them. Citrus Solutions believes that from a customer’s point of view, there is a more sustainable way to begin the process of digitalisation. It requires an organisation to develop their systems thinking and to take time to kick start new methods of working. The Legal Tech tools of Citrus enable the organisation to keep the knowledge and control of the newly automized processes within the organisation. They can independently react to the changes in their operative environment and become a real actor in digitalisation.





Webinar Speakers

Kim Finnilä

Partner, Senior IP Advisor, European Patent Attorney, Berggren Oy

Milla Lehtoranta

Partner, Lawyer, European Trademark and Design Attorney, Berggren Oy

Timo Sahakari

Sales Director, Citrus Solutions

Lesley Jääskeläinen

Facilitator, SHIFT Expert Webinars & Solution Stage