redefine the next normal with us.


SHIFT brings together change-oriented business leaders, innovators, and decision-makers who believe that business as usual is not good enough. We cannot predict the future, but we can have an effect on it.

For two days in August, SHIFT Business Festival turns Turku Business Region into the Nordic epicenter of technology, insight, and co-creation of future business. Network with like-minded individuals, take part in matchmaking, and get inspired by the stage program.



The festival venue is mainly built outdoors in the yard to accommodate a corona-safe open-air environment with enough space for safety distances. The level of your engagement to the experience depends on the ticket you choose:


Connect from wherever you are to the discussions you wish
SHIFT Pass offers you a two-day festival experience on-site or online. In case of any restrictions regarding the number of people attending on-site events, SHIFT Passes will be turned into online tickets first.


Experience two days of SHIFT, rest your brain home in between
Executive Pass holders get to enjoy the same on-site and online treats as SHIFT Pass holders. In addition to this, they are prioritised for the on-site festival experience in case of restrictions. However, our attendees’ safety is our top priority. If the number of people attending on-site events is limited to the minimum, also Executive Passes will be turned into online tickets.


Stay overnight and immerse yourself to SHIFT
Executive Pass holders can book accommodation at Hotel Kakola and attend an innovation retreat of two days – or longer if you choose to come early or check out the day after. Leave the world behind and deep dive into inspiration. In case of very strict restrictions, you will still have your room and the shared isolated experience with festival attendees in the 143 other rooms.


Circular Economy, AI & Digital Trust, Food Tech

This year at SHIFT Business Festival we present three main program tracks: Circular Economy, AI & Digital Trust and Food Tech. These three topics are at the centre of redefining the next normal, determining how to conduct business in the future.


Circular economy

The past year has especially shown how life cannot continue the way it is at the moment, but also, that change is possible and within reach. Circular economy is needed to resolve the current/ongoing climate crisis. With the European Green Deal, an ambitious set of policies to fight climate change, real action is required immediately. Both big and small companies are looking for more sustainable options.

At SHIFT 2021 we will tackle how you can implement circular economy into your business and elevate your business to higher standards. Companies taking the steps to a sustainable future now beat others to it.


AI & Digital trust

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasingly applied in remarkable ways, from online search engines to hospitals, it is ever-growing. However, the recent data breaches and information leaks are a raising concern, as more of our everyday life is digitally connected. Indeed, a company or business cannot thrive without its customers’ trust.

With the ever-growing digital and computerised world, digital trust and online safety are imperative. At SHIFT 2021 we will discuss what you as a business and member of society need to be aware of, and how can you benefit from AI’s full potential without compromising ethics?


Food tech

From online grocery shopping to meat and dairy alternatives and to product traceability, the food industry trends and practices are changing rapidly. Led by technological advancements, these changes are opening new avenues for entrepreneurs and businesses.

In turn, at SHIFT 2021 we will discuss how large food production companies are adapting to changes in their customer values? How can customers’ needs be fulfilled, whilst creating a more sustainable future? The next steps, trends and successes of food tech are being defined now.


We will publish more speakers during the spring.

Bruce Schneier

Lecturer, Harvard Kenedy School

Iida Miettinen

CEO & Founder, Kamupak

Giovanni Schiuma

Head of School of Business Engineering in Digital Management, LUM University

John Kelleher

Academic Leader, Technological University Dublin

Lauri Reuter

Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC

Simo Ellilä

CEO, eniferBio

Kirsi Ihalainen

CEO & Founder, Kelosound

Kim Väisänen

Start-up Investor

Riku Seppälä

Founder and Partner ,

Charlotte Aschim

CEO & Founder, TotalCtrl

Anton Johansson

Chief Financial Officer, Mycorena

Thuong Tan

Founder, Noodelist

Vesa Riihimäki

Head of Startup & Growth Finland, Nordea

Turo Numminen

Co-founder, Digital Heart Capital, Sofokus Ventures

If you have in your mind a speaker who’d give an excellent speech on food technology, AI, digital trust, or circular economy, please fill in this form and let us know!