One thing that SHIFT has always been known for is a unique venue. Unlike most business events, SHIFT doesn’t happen in an expo center. SHIFT is a fine-tuned balance of music festival vibes, cutting-edge knowledge and business opportunities. The first two SHIFTs were held in Turku Castle, a prominent landmark in Finland. For its third installation, SHIFT was moved to Kakolan Lääni, a former prison. And now to…



The venue for SHIFT 2019 is the Ruissalo Shipyard in the picturesque archipelago of Turku, Finland. It’s right where the city meets the sea and you get a perfect mix of old industrial vibes with nature. Once upon a time the boats built in the shipyard have been one of the best known trademarks from Finland. 

The venue is a perfect fit for radical innovators who intend to change the world with intelligent business and deep technology – just like the boats that sailed away from the shipyard once revolutionized the business opportunities between continents.



Hevoskarintie 23
20100 Turku, Finland


Disclaimer: Leave your high heels at home.