SHIFT Business Webstival 2020 is taking the next step towards intelligent business by going full virtual. The whole 2-day event will be held at a 3D virtual venue powered by VirBELA. Experience genuine interaction and social connections with people from around the world, from the comfort of your own home.

What is VirBELA?

VirBELA is a software which makes it possible for people to virtually gather for meetings, lectures, lessons or just casual fun. The game-like environment has multiple areas, which allows visitors to connect and interact with each other in multiple ways.

There are two stages where you can follow thought-provoking panels or join in on roundtable discussions. Explore the expo hall or walk around the venue enjoying art and music, while creating new connections.

You can customize your avatar to look like yourself and by using a headset with a microphone you can to talk to people naturally.


How do I get to the venue?

First, you need to get yourself a ticket.

To enter the virtual venue, you need to download the VirBELA software. Prior to the event, you can download the demo software, test it out and learn how to use it. 

Attending the main event will require you to download a separate software created just for SHIFT 2020. Once you have bought your ticket, we will provide you a link to this a few days before the event. On the day of the event, make sure to log in early, as you will need to create a new avatar, even if you’ve tested the demo version.

After launching the software, you get to create your own avatar. For instructions on moving around and interacting on the venue, we recommend checking out VirBELA’s instruction videos.

For a stable experience, we recommend that you use a cable internet connection. If you are using a laptop, remember to have a charging cable at hand. 

Interacting with other attendees will be smoother if you are using headphones with a microphone. This will ensure a better sound and voice quality. Find a calm and quiet spot for yourself to have the best experience.

If you have difficulties in hearing, we recommend that you get assistance and/or an interpreter. We unfortunately cannot provide textual aids for the event.

If you have a strict policy on which software you can install on your work computer, please make sure you have support from your IT department on the days before SHIFT, to install the software on the computers needed.