Windows95man, aka Teemu Keisteri, is a well-known entertainer/artist/radio presenter/dancer/model, who is respected from abroad. He is a likeable and cheerful guy who is a bit of a shy nerd during the day, but at night when he gets behind the DJ decks, he becomes a superman!

Windows95man was born in 2013, when Keisteri made a Windows95 shirt and put it on for Flow festival. “I thought it was a fun idea to put on something as silly as possible and stand out from the crowd – somehow wake people up from that Flow bubble. That’s where it started to expand.”

Windows95Man is a breath of fresh air for today but he draws his inspiration from 90s eurodance and techno hits. With a personality and a confusing musical style, you’ll be led into a sweet yesteryear frenzy!

Windows95man will perform at the epic after party!