CTO for Nordic Partners, Amazon Web Services

Ursula Koski is the AWS CTO for the Nordic countries catering the partners as a technology business development leader. A veteran of the industry, she is the chairwoman of Tivia and the first woman at the helm in Tivia’s seven-decade history. She is looking over the programs like Infuture, Mimmit Koodaa and Future Creators.

She is a firm believer in the power of technology in building a better future and livelihoods, leveraging it towards the UN Sustainability Goals. She was instrumental in developing ‘Future Creators, Digital Resiliant Finland’ strategy aimed at establishing Finland as a hub for digital talent and innovation. Ursula Koski strongly believes technology will have the most impact on humankind when it’s used as an enabler of inclusive growth and that Finland must lead in the digital era with focus on the responsible build and use of tech as an accelerator and equalizer. According to her, “our celebratory year of 70-years of technology industry is at hand, in 2023 we will lay the foundation for the next 70-years of innovation, equality and openness.”

As the AWS’s Nordic CTO, she actively works with partners, governmental bodies and European Commission to accelerate the growth of the industry and strengthen Finland’s position for innovation and digital talent. Her approach is centered around a three-point agenda – talent development and re-skilling, strengthening the Amazon culture of innovation and collaborating with governments across the world to open new opportunities for the Finland technology industry.

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. Why and how do they amount to measurable business outcomes?