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Tuulia Järvinen

Co-founder & CEO, Venner

Tuulia Järvinen is a co-founder and the CEO of Venner, a social impact startup, with a social innovation model, that is currently being piloted in the UK. She has vast experience of working with traditional food retail, food brands, as well as innovative concepts dealing with healthy, nutritious food. She has co-authored two cookbooks and curated a popular food blog.

In addition to her work with Venner, Tuulia is a partner and founding member of Asennemedia, an influencer marketing agency, but has now dedicated her time for improving the nutritional equality that many modern societies fail to deliver.

At SHIFT 2020, Tuulia attends a panel discussion around the food platform economy, that allows new value chains to be developed – also for target groups that are traditionally left behind.


SHIFT’s climate partner Chooose has agreed to offset the speaker’s CO2 emissions for six months, including their participation to SHIFT 2020.