Toni Ahlqvist

Professor, Finland Futures Research Centre

Toni Ahlqvist is a Professor at Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC). His research focuses on regional planning and policy, spatial political economy, futures studies, and technology foresight. He has lead numerous research projects that have covered, e.g., emerging technologies, construction and uses of futures knowledge in organizations and regions, strategic development of industrial branches, such as forest industry in South Australia, and varied aspects of a knowledge-based society. His most recent projects have dealt with potential societal antagonisms of radical emerging technologies and futures of land use planning in Finland.

Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) works with a transdisciplinary approach in an international environment. The cornerstones of FFRC’s activities are on developing academic futures studies, critical interdisciplinary research, high-quality education, strategic and business foresight and insightfully produced futures knowledge.

At SHIFT Online Kick-off, Toni walks participants through using foresight in corporate strategic planning.