Research Manager at Disruption Lab, University of Turku

Titi Ertiö is a Research Manager at the Disruption Lab /Centre for Collaborative Research/ Turku School of Economics. She is an economic sociologist who holds a PhD in political sciences (2018) and master’s degree in social sciences (2011) both from the University of Turku.

She is an expert in digital civic engagement, focusing on participatory technologies. Her research investigates mobile technologies for citizen engagement, participatory budgeting, crowdsourcing or technologies supporting household energy conservation and efficiency, and skills and attitudes regarding the adoption of digital technologies at work.

Key takeaways from the workshop:

  • Not all innovations are disruptive
  • Understanding disruptions beyond technology
  • Key characteristics of disruptive innovations and what questions they invite us to ask

Understanding future-readiness for disruptive innovations.

This hands-on workshop will be complementing the keynote by Taina Eriksson and Eeli Saarinen on understanding disruptive innovations for sustainable futures. Facilitated by Titiana Ertiö, the topic will be discussed from three main viewpoints.

Attend this worshop to gain insight into how to signal out those weak signals and megatrends which are relevant to your line of business.