Takaisin esiintyjiin



Taneli Rantala is the CEO and co-founder of Lifted. Taneli has a keen interest in organizational development which enables systematic productivity and well-being throughout the company. He has coached and consulted 200+ organizations including fast-growing tech companies, top consulting and law firms, as well as publicly traded corporations. Taneli is known for his solution-oriented mindset and relentless efforts toward improved working cultures.

Lifted is a trusted development partner for companies in growth, change, and challenging situations. Lifted’s 20 highly skilled professionals help organizations succeed by elevating their leadership, teamwork, and self-leadership targeting the organization’s most significant areas of development. Lifted is known for its strategic approach and stellar results. Lifted’s customers include Verkkokauppa.com, Wolt, Fluido, Qvik, Futurice, Ubisoft, and many more.

Taneli is always ready for discussion, especially about organizational development and leadership. Send him a message or start a chat at Shift!

At SHIFT Taneli will be participating in leadership in digitalized world panel.