Research director at Disruption Lab, University of Turku

Taina Eriksson is an expert in innovation studies with particular focus on disruptive innovation. She has examined the dynamics of organizational capabilities, data-driven innovation, business model innovation as well as global network management of SMEs. She focuses on collaborative research where knowledge is created at the interface between the industry and the academia.

Disruptive innovation and how to benefit from it 

This keynote will focus on how to understand disruptive innovation that plays a major role in building sustainable futures. The session unites disruptive innovation with sustainability transformations. The result is a comprehensive picture of sustainable, disruptive innovation and its implications for businesses.
Moreover, the keynote draws insights from strategic foresight for identifying and creating opportunities. Maybe even for your business?


Key takeaways of the keynote:

  • what are the key characteristics of disruptive innovation and what are the implications of those for businesses
  • how can disruptive innovations play a role in sustainability transformation
  • how can businesses identify the opportunities and proactively create them

After Eeli’s and Taina’s keynote, their colleague Titiana will host a hands-on workshop about the same topic. Come and join also to the workshop!