Takaisin esiintyjiin



Sissi Enestam is working as a researcher at Aalto University. She has worked in the space industry in Finland and abroad, including summer internships at NASA and the European Space Agency. 

She spent nine years working and studying around the world before moving back to Finland in 2015 and starting her Ph.D. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Physics with Astrophysics from Glasgow University in Scotland and her Master’s degree in Space Studies from the International Space University in France.  

Space is a unique platform with challenges and possibilities unrivaled on Earth. In Sissi’s talk at SHIFT, she will go over some exciting new approaches to studying the effects of global warming on Earth and asks how to find solutions to battle against Earth’s global warming by utilizing space technology.

At SHIFT Sissi will talk about how money spent on space leads to benefits on Earth. How can space be utilized in the battle against climate change?