Futurist, Intelligent Future

Richard Yonck is a futurist, author and keynote speaker with a background in computer science and media studies. He’s the former emerging technology contributing editor for The Futurist magazine and has been published by and quoted in the New York Times, Scientific American, Fast Company, Wired, World Future Review, Psychology Today, BBC News, Investor’s Business Daily, and many others.

An executive board member of the Association of Professional Futurists, he’s also a member of the National Association of Science Writers and National Speakers Association. As a keynote, Richard has presented trends, insights and thought leadership to a wide variety of industry, education and nonprofit audiences. He has also been a TED and SXSW speaker.

As a futurist, Richard’s goals are to help organizations gain a competitive advantage in identifying their “preferred futures” through the lens of foresight analysis. His recent book, “Heart of the Machine” looks at the future of affective computing, a rapidly developing branch of artificial intelligence that lets computers read, interpret and interact with human emotions. His upcoming book, “Future Minds” explores the rise of intelligence from the Big Bang to the end of the universe. 

Richard Yonck will talk about Future of Human-Machine Interface on Kesäteatteri Stage on 14:00-15:00 August 29th 2019.