René Backes

Business Development Specialist, BASF

René Backes is an Organic Chemist by training. He has obtained his PhD in organic chemistry at the Philipps-University Marburg, Germany in 2005.

René develops new chemical products on an industrial scale and the chemical processes therefore. He also gained profound experience in new business development for chemicals based on renewable raw materials as major contribution to the raw material change in chemical industry

René is a well-known expert for chemicals from renewables, especially lignocellulosic materials. Combining a deep insight in the processing of conventional/fossil based chemicals with a fundamental understanding of forestry products and side streams as well as agricultural products and raw materials, he acts as an enabler for new developments in green chemicals, and in identifying future junction points from biobased starting materials into the chemical industry.

He now works as a scout for BASF in the nordic region to identify and evaluate future feedstock developments and their possible suitability for the chemical industry, preparing the future supply of biobased products in the post fossile aera.

René Backes will talk about Forests – the Treasure of Finland on Westin Stage on 14:00-15:00 August 29th. Check out the timetable!