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Pekka Harju-Autti is the founder and CEO of the unique global tree planting and care tech platform Treebuddy Earth, which provides trees-as-a-service to B2B clients in a fully verifiable way. Pekka has a Ph.D. in environmental technology, with an extensive focus on environmental awareness and people’s perceptions of the environment in different countries. Pekka also works in the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

“Purpose-driven growth companies from Finland do have some definite assets for the world. However, the meaning of “purpose-driven” must be used in a deeper sense, for societal and planetary effects. It is amazing how few growth companies have innovations for the global biodiversity loss, though this is arguably the most crucial planetary challenge for the future. This will change dramatically in the next 2-5 years – are we ready for that?”

At SHIFT Pekka will be participating in a fireside chat about sustainability and digitalization.