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Niko Herlin is a passionate futurist, consultant, entrepreneur, and key-note speaker. He is the co-founder of Great Minds Oy. He has helped many companies and organizations to look ahead, prepare for alternative futures, build future-proof strategies and grasp the opportunities of change. He plans and runs strategic future processes for clients representing a wide range of different industries and sizes.

Niko is especially interested in the futures of education, work, and leadership. He also likes to challenge and develop the foresight capabilities of his client organizations. Together with his colleague Kirsi Kostia, he has developed a concrete tool for organizations to analyze, measure, and develop their future capabilities.

“Success does not come from guessing the future right, but from knowledge and data combined with imagination and dreaming together. Join the workshop to learn more about inspiring systematic foresight.”

At SHIFT Niko will run a mind-blowing workshop with Kirsi Kostia on how to develop your corporate future abilities and success.