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Nanna Hänninen

Photographic Artist, Founder and CEO, Neemo Method

Nanna Hänninen is one of the most renowned Finnish photographic artists internationally. Her works are placed in numerous public and private collections around the world. Nanna has also created several public artworks internationally. Nanna is the innovator behind Neemo Method and a Neemo Master Coach.

Neemo Method is photography-based facilitation to foster creative thinking, better corporate culture, and sustainable growth in all kinds of organizations. 

As a Neemo Coach, Nanna has witness how art as a superpower allows us to dig deeper into ourselves. Art works as a mirror to us by letting us see who we are. Looking at art may also show us what are our emotions today. We can learn what our strengths are and where we need to improve. And once we get to know ourselves better, it helps us to recognise also the others around us. And finally, it helps us to put our thoughts into words and gives us tools to think in a new way in our lives.