Head of Nokia Oulu Factory, Nokia

Mikko Nissi is a manufacturing and supply chain professional with over fifteen years of expertise in the field. Currently Mikko is leading Nokia’s flagship base station factory in Oulu, Finland. This state-of-the-art factory employs 400 manufacturing professionals and is highly sustainable, automated, and smart factory. Since 2015 Oulu factory has been developing own digital manufacturing management data platform, complemented by Nokia’s own technologies, and has achieved outstanding results over the years.

Mikko is passionate about achieving great results together as a team, operating in a lean and efficient way and to have the curiosity for lifelong learning. And to have fun while doing it. His personal strengths are analytical thinking combined to emphatic leadership style

Key take aways of the key note:

  • Why there is no green (=sustainability) without digital.
  • How Nokia Oulu factory transformed itself through investments to digitalization and smart solutions.
  • How digitalization enables smart operations management and how that boosts your productivity, quality and people engagement.
  • How digitalization creates opportunities to grow business.


Topic: No green without digital – how Nokia Oulu factory created sustainable growth in manufacturing with digitalization and smart solutions.

The topic is approached via the transformation of Nokia Oulu factory from traditional manufacturing location into a highly intelligent and automated factory, and how that journey has proved there is “no green without digital”.

The keynote will be followed by an interactive session facilitated by futurist Niko Herlin from GreatMinds.