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D.Sc., Business Development Manager, Chemical Industry and Cleantech, Turku Science Park

Linda Fröberg-Niemi is the head of the CleanTurku cluster in Turku Science Park Ltd. CleanTurku boosts innovation activities that promote sustainable development in the Turku Business Region. CleanTurku actors are startups, growth companies and industry, as well as research institutes, academia and different public sector representants. Linda is passionate about innovation activities and business development in circular economy, bioeconomy and cleantech. and likes actions that make a difference.

The establishment of the Smart Chemistry Park innovation platform in 2015, is a result of her teams’ early achievements in Turku Science Park. Smart Chemistry Park supports the business development of startups and growth companies within the fields of chemical engineering, biotech and material science, delivering solutions to bio- and circular economy ecosystems. Linda believes in science-based entrepreneurship and decision making. Complex global issues, like climate change, need deep knowhow from different scientific fields to be solved. Linda has a PhD in material chemistry from 2007, Åbo Akademi University. The research work was carried out in close collaboration with Finnish industry. Bringing people with good ideas and business sense together, is what Linda is eager to work for.