Lauri Reuter

Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC

Lauri Reuter is a scientist turned into an investor. He holds a PhD in biotechnology and is one of the founders of Nordic FoodTech Venture Capital. “Because science is where it starts and new ventures are where the impact is made.”

Lauri is looking for new solutions for food production. Both the food industry and our consumption choices are going through enormous changes. Despite the number of food tech ventures, the journey from innovation to someone’s can be rocky and long. Investments in food technology are necessary to truly create a sustainable food system. Nordic FoodTech VC invests in startups renewing the food system. It is the first venture capital fund in the Nordics that invests specifically in food tech startups.

At SHIFT 2021, Lauri will give optimistic glimpses of the possible futures of food. Fast-moving technology will enable radical changes. Some of those will be sweet.