Laura Forsman

Program Leader, Food Tech Platform Finland, University of Turku

At the moment, Laura Forsman is the Program Leader for Food Tech Platform Finland, a network initiative facilitating the development of a sustainable Food System 2.0. She is an experienced and insight-driven business developer with 15 years of experience and a track record in leading multidisciplinary teams and growing businesses of major food and beverage brands in national and multinational environments.

For the last 5 years, she has worked as an insight strategist and innovation consultant both in the agency branch and at the University of Turku. Currently, she leads the Food Tech Platform Finland program aimed at identifying and creating new partnerships, ecosystems and innovations between science, technology and businesses that drive the food system transformation, based on opportunities created by emerging tech solutions, digitalization and novel business models. Food Tech Platform Finland program is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

At Shift 2020, Laura will host a panel discussion that will reflect on the recent developments and future implications of digitalizing food with prominent experts within food and digital businesses, especially concentrating on the lessons learned from the larger development of the platform economy and its prospects in providing novel added value in the sustainable, resilient and ethical food business of tomorrow.

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