Kyle Wiens

CEO, iFixit

Kyle Wiens is the CEO of iFixit, the free repair manual. He’s dedicated his life to defeating the second law of thermodynamics, a battle fought in the courtroom as often as in the workshop. The Right to Repair campaign has, so far, successfully legalized cell phone unlocking and tractor repair.

At SHIFT 2020, Kyle will talk about the circular economy and repair. “We want to show the world how to fix anything. Nobody knows how to fix everything. But that’s OK because most people know how to fix something. Maybe it’s just a stapler. Or a bicycle. Or a cell phone.” What do you know how to fix?

Read Kyle’s blog post Repairing your s**t will save the world here.


SHIFT’s climate partner Chooose has agreed to offset the speaker’s CO2 emissions for six months, including their participation to SHIFT 2020.