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Kirsi Ihalainen

CEO & Founder, Kelosound

Kirsi Ihalainen is a Finnish professional sound artist, sound designer, audio engineer, and founder and CEO of Kelosound, an audio system company that brings nature to you.

Kirsi’s sound design expertise is mainly concentrated on creating sound products and audio systems, sound installations, audio for games, and interactive audio interfaces for different multimedia. She also has programming experience with several programming languages, electronics, acoustics, and audio programming. Kirsi has had exhibitions worldwide and she keeps lectures and workshops around the world.

Kelosound, founded and led by Kirsi, produces sound playing woods that you can hug and listen to nature sounds from, and the audio system with which the sauna structures play and vibrate nature sounds. For the products, Kirsi has recorded unique soundscapes on her sound adventures around the world.

Kirsi will be designing the soundscape of SHIFT 2021.