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Kira Sjöberg is the Head of Growth Marketing & Analytics at Lamia Oy, part of HiQ & Frends. She is an analytical strategist and a troubleshooter as well as a problem solver with natural leadership qualities. Besides being the Head of Growth Marketing & Analytics at Lamia Oy, she is also Vice Chair of Helsinki Pride and one of the Founders of Ladies, Wine & Design from Helsinki.

Kira helps others for example in marketing and business design with a heavily data-driven business intelligence approach, content and concept creation, and data-driven design business management. She also can help with partnership development and key account management as well as management of wide network-based businesses.

As a person, Kira is flexible, firm, creative, strategic, and determined. Generally, she is an individual that can adjust to any situation. Her passions include fair business, human rights, especially minority rights and people.

At SHIFT Kira will be participating in a panel Mind SHIFT – innovation skills for the future.