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Cognitive Neuroscientist, University of Helsinki

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An accomplished cognitive neuroscientist, Katri Saarikivi works with organizations on subjects such as the future of work, digital work, connectivity, creativity, and other human-centered aspects of work.

Katri is responsible for leading the HUMEX Project at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki. The project examines neural mechanisms involved in empathy and fruitful interaction and, in particular, how these mechanisms could be better harnessed in digital interaction environments. The research is driven by the question of how artificial and human intelligence could best complement each other, how computers could better understand human emotions and how people could best interact via computers.

Katri also spearheads a research group called NEMO (Natural Emotionality in Digital Interaction) at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit at the University of Helsinki. In 2015, NEMO was honored with the grand prize at the Helsinki Challenge, science-based idea competition in which teams of scientists from ten Finnish universities work on solutions that help the humankind reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), nowadays known as the Global Goals.

Katri has also given a TEDx talk called Empathy in Digital Age, where she calls for increasing empathy in the rapidly digitizing world and gives concrete examples on how to achieve those goals. She hopes to bring relevant neuroscientific knowledge to organizations to help in understanding how supporting human interaction and learning can lead to value creation and wellbeing.

While waiting for Katri to give her keynote at SHIFT about Computer – human interaction – how can we complement each other? you can listen to her TED talk here

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Katri will give a keynote in the Emotionally Intelligent Machines track.