Sales Director, Microsoft

Kati Tiainen is a prominent figure in the international educational landscape, collaborating closely with Ministries of Education, leaders, schools, and partners to optimize digital transformation in teaching and learning.  

Over her two-decade career, Kati’s roles span teaching, school leadership, and overseeing large-scale Information and Learning Technology Programs, including 1:1 initiatives. Her leadership extends to Microsoft’s Education K12 efforts in EMEA, marked by her skill in navigating transformational markets and fostering partnerships. She is a global advocate for Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework, guiding holistic educational transformation.  

Kati has driven open education analytics, enhancing data-driven decision-making. Her distinct prowess lies in leveraging AI to reshape education. Kati’s strategic insights in AI implementation have revolutionized the teaching and learning experience. By championing responsible AI use, she empowers Education institutions to embrace technology for personalized learning, adaptive interventions, and new dimensions of excellence.  

In her leadership, Kati unites education, analytics, and AI innovation, shaping the future of learning through data-driven insights and emerging technologies.   

Topic: Ready player one for the Age of AI

In her keynote, Kati will reflect the past of human productivity, share insights of the phenome we live in today and inspire how to be prepared for the future.