Takaisin esiintyjiin



Jussi Galla is the CEO and co-founder of Topaasia. Jussi works with new openings and beginnings such as partnerships, new game content, or other services. Jussi is genuinely interested in people’s affiliation and he has been interested in dialogue and team coaching for a long time.

Topaasia itself is a tool for (scaled) dialogue facilitation. It is a gamified facilitation platform for participatory discussions. Its purpose is to develop team’s and organization’s important themes easily and effectively. Topaasia creates a space to discuss where everyone is seen and heard. In the end, the session leads to a concrete action plan and shared understanding. Topaasia works remotely, hybrid, or at the location and it is a versatile tool for team leads, leaders, coaches, and facilitators.

At SHIFT Jussi will hold an interactive session for anyone interested in developing leadership skills for the future.