Jaakko Järvi

Professor of Software Engineering, University of Turku

Jaakko Järvi is a professor of Software Engineering and Head of the Department of Future Technologies at the University of Turku. He specializes in programming languages and user interface programming. He has formerly held academic positions at Indiana University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Bergen, Norway. He joined the University of Turku at the beginning of 2020. His industrial experience includes a position at ABB Research, a startup two decades ago, and a sabbatical at Adobe Systems in San Jose.

At Data and the City expert webinar, Jaakko focuses on the visions of smart cities, where data is seamlessly gathered, collected, and integrated to optimize traffic and the use of infrastructure, to guide city planning, to keep citizens informed, and so forth. Who will realize these visions? Where will the experts come from to build all these systems? In response to the high demand of experts in many technological fields in the Turku region, the University of Turku is investing heavily in its engineering education.

Jaakko’s talk gives a quick introduction to the forthcoming Faculty of Technology at the University of Turku, and its new and expanded offerings in engineering education, followed by a glance at select smart city research projects at the University of Turku.