The data and technology should first and foremost be aimed at increasing the well-being of citizens – and this must be enforced further in the future. 

Data and the City
SHIFT Business Webstival Expert Webinar series

On stage
Jaakko Järvi, Professor of Software Engineering, University of Turku
Niina Käyhkö, Associate Professor in Digital Geospatial Research, University of Turku
Anna-Kaisa Berisha, Project Manager, Smart City of Turku

Turku is a boldly renewing city that provides conditions for a good life and shared successes. By creating opportunities for the citizens and companies to utilise data, the city enables economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable growth that supports well-being.

Anna-Kaisa Berisha brings into discussion the Smart City concept of Turku from a human-centric perspective. Anna-Kaisa will discuss how the Smart & Wise spearhead project has enhanced and brought value to the daily life of the citizens of Turku – a smart city for smart people.

In the visions of smart cities, data is seamlessly gathered, collected, and integrated to optimize traffic and the use of infrastructure, to guide city planning, to keep citizens informed, and so forth. Who will realize these visions? Where will the experts come from to build all these systems? In response to the high demand of experts in many technological fields in the Turku region, the University of Turku is investing heavily in its engineering education.

Jaakko Järvi and Niina Käyhkö from the University of Turku, will discuss open geospatial data and its applications in the context of the cities and select smart city research projects at the University of Turku.