Iida Miettinen

COB & Founder, Kamupak

Iida Miettinen, is an impact entrepreneur, founder  and member of the board of one of the leading sustainability startups in Finland, Kamupak. Iida is an innovative doer and passionate about business possibilities related to green tech. According to her thinking, startups and entrepreneurship are the best ways to scale your impact. Her background is in business development and marketing.

The core business idea of Kamupak is to reduce the carbon footprint of takeaway meals by replacing disposable packaging waste with reusable, recyclable packaging. The concept got its inspiration from the deposit-based return system for beverage packages, which returns circa 90% of all cans, PET-bottles, and glass bottles to circulation in Finland. Imagine if we could do the same with single-use packaging, the core cause of the global packaging waste crisis!

At SHIFT 2021, Iida will talk about digital deposit system enabling circularity of products.