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Ida Hult is a futurologist and expert on how humans truly work – what makes us tick and what keeps us going. She has conducted countless large-scale ethnographic studies on our understanding of ourselves, our history, and the world we live in. Ida shows how an understanding of human behavior and lifestyles can be converted into working business strategies. She challenges her audience in a light and humorous way, full of insightful analyses, creating a space for both laughter and reflection.

In 2006 Ida Hult founded Sweden’s first ethnographical consulting firm Trendethnography, after which she has worked for Inter IKEA Systems as head of foresight attention-makers. She has held the position of executive advisor and board member for companies such as IKEA, SEB, Ericsson, E.On, Carlsberg, Arla Foods, HSB, and The Swedish Institute. 

At SHIFT Ida will talk about strategic future visions and how to create an ability for seeing new perspectives for a more sustainable future.