Henrietta Moon

CEO & Co-Founder, Carbo Culture

Henrietta Moon is the CEO and co-founder of Carbo Culture, drawing down CO2 and storing it in a stable form for 1000 years.

Carbo Culture’s unique biocarbons are used in climate adaptation applications such as stormwater treatment and soil regeneration. 

Henrietta is recognised as a World Economic Forum ‘Global Shaper’ and from 2016-2018 she was a board member of a publicly traded electronics company (Nasdaq OMX Helsinki: YEINT). She was the youngest person in the country to have a non-family tied seat.

Henrietta’s prior experience includes growing two organisations in edtech: helping to catapult Rails Girls to the global community with over 300+ cities on all continents, and founding Mehackit.org, a creative technology company.  

She is also a certified sailor and loves to be outdoors.