Chief Executive Officer, The Curious AI Company

Harri Valpola is the CEO and founder of Curious AI, a company that focuses on semi-supervised and unsupervised machine learning which takes the human brain as its model. The aim is to revolutionize artificial intelligence by creating autonomous AI.

Valpola has been involved in academia since 1993 with machine learning, computational neuroscience and robotics. He has the kind of impeccable research pedigree common to many of the computer scientists and mathematicians at the forefront of artificial intelligence. A student of Finnish neural network pioneer Tuevo Kohonen, he spent twenty years at Aalto University teaching and studying artificial brains. In 2007 he founded ZenRobotics Ltd. which applies machine learning in advanced robotics, currently recycling by robots.

Valpola believes there is a lot of scope for improvement of the AI. He dreams of a big picture of the internet of beautiful AI minds, and is actively pursuing this task.

Get ready for Harri by watching his Keynote at SLUSH 2017 or reading his interview with WIRED Magazine.