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Chief Disruption Officer, Epicenter Stockholm


Hannes Sjöblad is the Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter, a digital innovation hub at the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. He facilitates companies and organizations to navigate through the accelerating technological transformation. He is a member of the Digital Biology faculty at Singularity University Dk, bio-hacker and co-founder of BioNyfiken, the Swedish Association of Bio-hackers where he works to democratize access to powerful biotechnologies.

In late November 2014, Hannes was in the news for hosting an ‘implant party’ in Stockholm, where eight volunteers were implanted with a small RFID (radio frequency identification) chip under the skin in their hand. Hannes also has one. The chip acts as a simple security interface, allowing users to open their door without a key (although to do so they need to buy a new door lock, which are at the moment still expensive). With a tweak to an Android phone, the chip can also be used to unlock the phone.

Hannes holds an MSc in Financial Management from the Stockholm Business School of Economics and in addition to his international business background, deep insights in emerging technology fields, especially in near- and inbody technology and its impact on us. His work has been recognized by leading publications such as Wired, Motherboard, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN, BBC, Daily Mail, Le Figaro, to name a few.

While waiting for Hannes’ keynote at SHIFT, please check his Youtube channel for inspiration!

Hannes will moderate the fireside chat in the Amplified Humans track.